Research Post #17

Study: Athletes Drive Social Media Consumer Influence. (2011, July 4). Study: Athletes Drive Social Media Consumer Influence. Retrieved July 2, 2014, from

I decided to keep with the concept of the brand and athlete being linked through social media for this blog post to be able to relate to the last one. I know that athletes have a huge influence on their fans but I had no idea that it was over 50%. Like in my last research post it does matter what athletes post about certain brands because they should be relatable in some sort of way with their sport. Depending on who the athlete is, when the fans of the athlete take what the athlete says they will use it as credibility to purchase whatever the athlete is endorsing. There are so many devices we have access to now that we are able to tweet, post and watch athletes online. Tablets, phones, and computers are used so frequently that it does not matter what we as a society use, we will have access to social networks anywhere. 

I actually thought twitter would be the most used social media outlet but as the Catalyst Engagement Fan Study found was actually Facebook was the most used but not the most impactful. Rather than Facebook having the most impact, I feel like twitter is what has the most impact because it the posts are so frequent there are immediate updates no matter what. When the Location services had become a big thing on social media I started to use it because I wanted my followers to know where I was when I was experiencing my sport endeavors. I can assume that that is why now when you click on a location on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook that you can see many posts with sports fans at for example: Joe Louis Arena where the Detroit Red Wings play and I am guessing you will see a lot of red and white on that page. 


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