Research Post #16

Kotlyar, B. (2013, September 20). Athletes in Social Media: An Untapped Marketing Resource. Experience Management Blog Athletes in Social Media An Untapped Marketing Resource Comments. Retrieved July 2, 2014, from

I thought this article brought up a great point that so many people skip over advertisements because there are so many of them on all social media, websites, TV and much more. Using athletes through their personal social networks is an efficient way to advertise for free besides having the endorsement contracts with the professional athletes. If it is a college team though having the partnerships with Nike or Adidas helps the athletes advertise how awesome their gear is. Sadly though as it says in the article, the athletes did not say anything about the brand they represent. I had no idea that Cristiano Ronaldo has almost 3x the amount of followers McDonalds, Starbucks and Coca-Cola has and what makes our technological advances so unique is that consumers relate the brand through the athletes. 

It fascinates me that technology is able to be measured by pretty much anything that someone does, for example: clicks generated. What I also find very interesting about our world today is the hashtag aspect of social media now and how important they are to marketing techniques and tactics.  Ensuring that athletes are linked with the right brand is also very important when marketing a certain brand. There needs to be a solid connection because if there is a gap in the brand and athlete the gap in their audience will increase and either decrease or stay the same for the ROI.


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