Research Post #15

Lariviere, D. (2014, May 1). High-Profile Athletes Need Social Media But Must Use It Wisely. Forbes. Retrieved June 30, 2014, from

Right away when I started reading this I thought about how the NHL playoffs just ended but even if I was unable to watch the game I was on twitter or even the ESPN app that I have on my phone to stay tuned with what was going. Even if I didn’t I had at least ten people that I could text, look up on twitter or go on Facebook to find out updates on the games because they are so excited and want their followers to be able to know what is going on. 

I do not find it indifferent that because of the many followers that LeBron James has that he also has the top-selling jersey in the NBA because he in my eyes has been the face of the NBA for quite some time and since he is a very highly-skilled player as well as a social member on social networks it makes him likable and easily relatable to like, tear down, but also to endorse in. There are many players like LeBron James who will post whatever is on their minds and not care about the repercussions that will come after posting what they are thinking to their followers and fans. Like it says though LeBron James has learned from his past mistakes and so have many other athletes and that is why in my earlier articles that I have posted that the correct training especially for college athletes should be taken seriously. If college athletes take social media training seriously and they end up in the professional leagues they will know how to handle social media already and not have to worry their managers, team owners that they will cause trouble in the organization. At the end of the day a professional team is looking for endorsements for their athletes, to win games and for their athletes to produce the best results for their business.


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