Research Post #14

Banks, A. (2012, May 7). NBA Decoed: Does Social Media Make Athletes Worse Role Models?. Black Enterprise. Retrieved June 30, 2014, from

I had actually never even known that Charles Barkley said that he was not the role model and parents should be the role models for children. I really have not concentrated on how social media influences athletes on being a role model but thought it was important to be touched on. Just like it says in the article social media has come to being available to anyone at any time and are able to comment, like, post, reply, message and do almost anything instead of waiting for a conference or the news at night to find out updates on games, athletes, what and how they are doing. Like my last blog twitter is a very exclusive in writing because there is a limited amount of characters that are allowed for each person to post on their timeline or reply to someone’s tweet. 

I think it is interesting when the article says “A player may not be looking for trouble, but trouble will come looking for that player.” I especially believe that when athletes are very controversial or social on their networks. It even happens when players become injured as well that so many people comment on why they are being a baby and not toughening up or that it is good they are taking time off so other players are able to play and get in the spotlight. 


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