Research Post #13

Brady, E., & Sports, J. (2013, July 31). For athletes, social media not all fun and games. USA Today. Retrieved June 30, 2014, from

I chose this article because it gives right off the bat an example of an athlete no matter what you do social media will keep on going even if a player such as JP Arencibia deleted his twitter. Since social media has grown so rapidly with the positives come the negative repercussions and can have a huge affect on athletes. There is a lot of negativity that floats around on the Internet and twitter is a social media outlet that is used a lot to highlight nasty thoughts people have. Like it says when times are tough for athletes all that seems to be on social media and on twitter when you scroll through the timeline is all negativity. I have actually never thought of social networks even being considered part of harassment, but it brings up a good point to mention that harassment is a serious consequence and not to be taken lightly but at the same time people are allowed to freely post whatever they want on their networks. 

On the positive side as it says it gives fans the ability to see a different side of their favorite players and competitors because a lot of the reason so many people love sports are to see how well the athletes grow and prosper in their prospective sport. I know from when I was in middle school and in early high school there were sights where people could sign up and anonymously write on your wall anything they wanted about you and of course because like in the article since they were anonymous they were mostly nasty and rude rather than positive and uplifting comments. 


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