Research Post #12

Ridgway, S. (2012, October 2). Yes, Boys Do Get Negatively Influenced by the Media and What You As a Parent Can Do to Help. Everyday Feminism. Retrieved June 22, 2014, from

This is a little different and it geared more towards how parents can be involved in their children’s lives and influencing them in a positive direction with social media. There are so many articles about how women are portrayed in the media but men also are affected. This relates to my post before this one because it is about how boys are depicted as violent, need to have dominance above everybody and be the best in society. Through TV there are steps that are being taken to better the depiction of males but shows like Friday Night Lights that was mentioned in the article those athletes are strong, powerful and popular amongst their peers in high school and there are many shows that have had the same type of atmosphere. Parents can help their children be involved in activities with other children in order for them to not be in front of the TV, playing video games, and watching shows that depict them in certain ways. I find it funny that this happens a lot especially with college athletes who receive scholarships and especially our hockey and football players/athletes who I am friends with always get so much food from the dining halls because they feel the need to. This brings up the fact that male athletes need to eat a lot in order to be a man and eat a ton of food to gain weight and be bigger than their opponents. Male athletes while looked at to be big and macho, that also involves their emotions and how men are supposed to show no emotion especially not to cry in front of others and limiting their emotions around their peers. Boys can also be made fun of for not acting like a “typical” boy who watches violent films, who doesn’t eat a lot and is a G.I. Joe fanatic. Parents can introduce their kids to fun and different activities that they can become involved in and support them in while not having them feel like they are being judged.


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