Research Post #11

How the Media Define Masculinity. (n.d.). MediaSmarts. Retrieved June 21, 2014, from

This is a short article that I found and how the media depicts men in sport and their role in society. I actually have watched Tough Guise: Violence, Media and the Crisis in Masculinity and that is mainly why I chose the article because I am able to recall and reference back to something I have seen before. What I found the most astounding about that video were the statistics they gave and how much men are involved in this world around violence towards women and also other men but mostly women. I know that this is not much about sport but what does relate to sport is the violence that is carried onto the field, ice arena or track. Men have been seen as being the most violent because of what social media captures and broadcasts to our society. The point of the video is to show that men need to be above everyone else and reiterate they are the dominant gender in our society. They also depict in media that women need men to survive and without their dominance win sport they are unable to be successful as well. This coverage of media especially now because we have plenty of accessible devices to use that small children are watching how the media is portraying men and women and this is how society should always be.  


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