Research Post #10

Lopiano, D. A. (n.d.). Sports Management Resources. Media Coverage of Women’s Sports Is Important. Retrieved June 22, 2014,

I decided to specifically find a couple articles on how our media is involved with women’s sports because women’s sporting events are not aired as much as men’s sports. Media presents a big aspect on how much coverage is on the sporting events that happen every single day around the world. Especially with the Olympics there are so many outlets and stations that want to be a part of the experience that happens every four years for the Summer and Winter Olympics but what is nice is that the Winter and Summer Olympics are only two years a part so there are chances for women to gain coverage that way. I find it actually ridiculous how much less female players in professional leagues than male athletes. There are so many magazines and especially Sports Illustrated that have depicted women in bathing suits and basing them off of their fit bodies and attractiveness rather than their ability to play a sport like men. I never thought about it as a double standard but that perfectly describes how women are shown in the media. I like that at the bottom of this article it gave advice for sports managers on how to improve their programs and coverage for women’s sports to make them equal along with male sports and athletes. 


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