Research Post #9

Wendt, J. T., & Young, P. C. (2011). Reputational Risk and Social Media. Mississippi Sports Law Review, 1(1), 97-125. 

I decided to focus on the third part of this journal, Reputation and Reputational Risk since in my last article I wanted to link it to the responsibility that athletes have to their organization. The reputation that athletes need to establish with social media resorts back to becoming educated on how to properly use it to bring value to their name and brand themselves positively with their organization. From Merriam-Websters definition of reputation as “the overall quality or character as seen or judged by people in general” (page 108). This relates to athletes and their use of social media because while a player is based on their talent and individuality as a person how they use their social media outlets and networks is how they are viewed across the world and by their fans. 

In this section of the journal Reputational Risk at the end states that the context is from exposure of uncertainty and that it is intangible because as an athlete what is tangible is what they tweet, post and write to their fans on their networks. What becomes intangible and relates with Reputational Risk is what fans and spectators do with those posts on their networks. Many fans, haters, spectators can take positive posts and flip them into negatives and end up hurting the athlete, the organization, their value and brand and that is the risk athletes take when they use and share their lives over social media outlets


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