Research Post #8

Han, P., & Dodds, M. A. (2013). Can a Sport Organization Monitor Its Employees’ and Athletes’ Use of Social Media?.  The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, 84(3), 9-12.

This article is definitely depicting on social media gone wrong because no matter if a page is private it really is not. That is what I think a lot of athletes do not understand that no matter how private they make their profiles, how hidden their inappropriate pictures are they can still be found and seen. In this case someone got a hold of a password and was able to access the “private” page. One of the main points that jumped out to me was the “invasion of privacy” during the case because as I stated earlier nothing on the Internet is private. Also along with the private or “members only page” it said in the article while only members that are a part of the private page are allowed to access the website others can look at the web page while the member is on it. While someone is on the page others can visually see the page that the member is on if they are in the same room, sitting next to them while the member is online. Because social media has become so prevalent in our society now we depend on it so much that we find ways to get around and find out information. 

Linking this article to my Research Post #7 it also talked about student-athletes having restricted access of using their own social media networks and have them monitored by their schools they play at. Professional athletes have higher standards from what they put out on social media networks since they represent their professional league the impact that the individual player has on an organization influences the name and the brand. It also reiterates how education on social media should be required so they know how to properly use their networks (especially collegiate athletes).


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