Research Post #6

Symes, C. (2013). CoSIDA – Leading the digital communications and social media revolution in college athletics. CoSIDA Digest, 1, 37-38. 

This article is a continuation of the first article I posted from the other day and this article is more about what CoSIDA offers athletes, coaches and administrators and their education with social media. Social media has grown so much that in the article it stated that a quarter of people’s time spent is online. There are devices that are used a lot and sometimes multiple devices at once, especially being on the computer and also being on the phone. Since there is so much going on in the world, there is a lot that happens and while everything is happening, our world is supposed to evolve and adapt to learn everything in a short amount of time. The evolution of events is taught to athletic departments because they need to be educated on conforming with so much change in a small window of time and then pass that along to coaches and athletes. 

I think it is good that the New Media/Technology Committee has a chat group on LinkedIn because utilizing LinkedIn is a great strategy because it is the professional online social network that is used the most. I think using surveys are a good method to find out information but responses can be vague and not thought through when trying to figure out very detailed questions. I think it is great CoSIDA provides a lot of the information they receive on their websites just in case coaches or administrators do not make the conventions and can use the website to show their athletes what they are talking about and they are not making what they tell the athletes/coaches up. While CoSIDA is figuring out that social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest are being utilized because of their visual aspects rather than reading facts online and posting documents or words is a step in the right direction. Visual aids are easier to look at rather than a bunch of words lumped together on a slideshow. Lastly, this article indicated that a positive social media influence is what should be focused on because a reputation is being built and that should be the main focus.


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