Research Post #3

I chose to find a website and other opinions of students such as myself that are speaking about social media and its influence on sport. I found an article from that posted by Danielle Frasier who went to Stanford University and the article title was ‘Why it’s Important for Amateur Athletes to Use Social Media’. Social media is not all about the professional level and is involved with many collegiate programs around the world and especially in the United States. 

It is fun to have someone to look up to who has the same passion for sport as many others in the world do and following them on Twitter or Instagram is fun. Athletes have huge influences on up and coming athletes in a collegiate atmosphere and in hopes of wanting to become better at it. If an athlete is so influential on social media that a high schooler decides to play in college that is a wonderful and positive message. On the other hand an athlete who does or says something not smart many see it as a motivation as not wanting to be like them at all. 

Amateur athletes unlike professional athletes do not gain money in profit but they do gain experience, playing a sport they love and gaining friendships and connections for the future. While athletes are gaining those aspects, their fans are gaining and receiving a brand from the amateur athletes. Athletes have to gain their presence on social media because there could be a great athlete out there that has maybe 300 followers of friends and family but no “fans” yet. By an athlete making a name for themselves helps create the “buzz” many fans of sport like when there is a new face on social networks that everyone wants to follow. When fans find athletes they really like they stay loyal to them through the good and the bad (most of the time) and support them while they are competing and usually after they are in the pros or have moved on with their professional careers.

An example Danielle used in her article to provide visual and factual information about Amateur athletes, Aaron Murray who has 127,000 supportive fans on Twitter sure had a great influence on his way into the draft for the National Football League. He responds and engages with fans while posting pictures of himself, family, friends, his girlfriend and life on and off the field.


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