Research Post #2

Hanna, R., Rohm, A., & Critteneden, V. L. (2011). We’re all connected: The power of social media ecosystem. Business Horizons, 54, 265-273.

This article I found as a lot to do with the Internet and digital media outlets we have created in our world today. There are a few myths they bring up in this article in the very beginning, which I thought was interesting. One of them stated that a traditional product/service belief –> 21st century myth: Brand managers own and orchestrate their brands and for this myth it has influenced into the lead in 200-2001 with the dot-come boost with businesses and companies. One of the examples they mentioned was about LinkedIn and how based on professional social media it has influenced they way we perceive others from a computer screen on a more prestigious level.

In this article it mentions how Blogs are utilized and useful for generating sales as a way to interact customers and just like in our class we are writing these blogs for our professor for class and are connecting in a way that was not possible a few years ago. YouTube has become a great platform for many people to get their opinions, commercials, hit songs, talents and creations of their own in videos to display to the world.

There is a term in the article called ‘bottom-up marketing’ that has empowerment to customers in media and marketing messages as ‘intelligent, organizing and more trusting of their own opinions and the opinions of their peers.’ (page 267). This relation that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with sport is posting pictures, tweeting scores, and posting updates on recent events with a person or team, customers are involved with the connection over social media without having to personally know or find the information on their own. This connection has empowered customers to use their ‘bottom-up marketing’ and become more involved with the sporting industry and while they have become very involved it has grown sport worldwide.

Many aspects on the internet have become ‘viral’ as we would say when something becomes so big A LOT of people are talking about it and this happens a lot with SuperBowl commercials and there is so much money put into a :30 second to 2:00 minute commercial for the SuperBowl. While well done commercials are watched over and over again by viewers and hit over 10 million views so do they bad ones. Even though there are bad commercials at the SuperBowl (though intended not to be bad usually), viewers talk about how bad it was anyways and watch it and show other peers how bad it is.

The social media marketing ecosystem is the center of the consumer experience as in the article they quoted Mike DiLorenzo who is the director of social media marketing and strategy for the NHL said “Social networks aren’t about Web sites. They’re about experiences” (page 268). Mike DiLorenzo makes a great comment because without the consumers absorbing the experience they have online and the “trends” or how many likes you get on pictures it would not be as addicting or exciting to be involved in. There is also a point where social media has an impact on the performances of the campaigns many companies have.

In this article is comes down to the consumer being the end all do all for social media because without the consumer there would be little to consume, less room to influence through advertising campaigns and marketing, and less likely to provide a strong social media marketing ecosystem.


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