Research Blog #1

Owrid, J. (2010, July 10). How much will the business of sports be influenced by social media?. Future of Business Blog. Retrieved May 27, 2014. from

For my first blog post I chose to find another blog to research and this one focused on tennis and soccer endorsements that influence our economy. Owrid starts off talking about how tennis has come into the light to the economic impact that it is making on the sport industry. For example, he used the Women’s Tennis Associations three-year partnership with Xerox Corp. and during the tennis season includes 18 tournaments around the world. For WTA this was a great way to start women off knowing they are represented and supported by the media because it is so influential today. 

Next Owrid presents one of the most famous writers of time that Shakespeare if he were alive would have said that “all the world’s a game, not a stage”, which I found interesting he would think of Shakespeare coinciding with sports. Even though Shakespeare is not alive it is pretty cool Owrid in particular are able to analyze what he might say now about our world. Sport has advanced very quickly because of the culture that Owrid brings up in the blog and it “imprints” on our society. What is the real impact of a goal on our economy in soccer? It is not measurable but the fact that our economy is growing within the sport industry and spectators paying a lot of money to see a specific person or team kick a ball into a net speaks that post is able to be measured with a cost. Not only are spectators able to see the games live but having them at the tip of their fingers with their remote control. Having selections of the types of sport packages with cable purchases has influenced the amount of spectators that are now accessible to watch games at home. The impact of social media in sports has grown internationally and influenced our economy most of all.

The Olympic Games have a huge impact on the sporting world because it is the most prestigious event an athlete can participate in and everyone from around the world is involved. Mentioned in the blog by Owrid The 2012 London Olympic Games had the largest national TV audience in the history of the games. There has been a lot of progress with social medial and as Owrid explains there is still much to do and more room to grow with social media for the future.

There are some social events that are linked to social media and one example was “Twitter Parties” where extremely passionate fans are able to go to the stadium(s) to meet and greet with other fans who share their love and passion for sport.


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